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Will a GP's receptionist know and understand test results?

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thisisdaddypig Mon 16-Sep-19 12:48:17

I called for an appointment on behalf of someone else so they could go in to receive some test results (they had been told to go in for the results rather than call up). The surgery said they only had an appointment with a nurse practitioner so I asked if a nurse practitioner could give the results or if it had to be a doctor. The receptionist took the details of the patient, looked it up on the system and then offered an appointment with a doctor (which they had previously said wasn't available). I haven't told the patient any of this as I don't want them to worry, but I'm wondering if the receptionist saw something on the screen that suddenly meant an earlier appointment with a doctor was necessary, or if I'm just overthinking it? I don't like that I have this concern about someone else's results now, and they're oblivious to it themselves, but equally I don't know anything so there's no point telling them any of this is there?

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DottyGiraffe Mon 16-Sep-19 16:19:00

The receptionist probably just saw a note that said patient had to come in for results so they were given one of the appointments they (presumably) withhold for slotting people in sooner.

GreenFlamingo11 Mon 16-Sep-19 17:29:26

Receptionists can read results over the phone to you but they are not trained to interpret them. Mostly they don't even read them, they will just read whatever note the doctor added to them after looking at them.

AccioCoffee Mon 16-Sep-19 19:48:43

I'm a GP receptionist, perhaps that surgery have nurses that can discuss issues with patients after bloods. It sounds like the dr had put a not on it to ensure that the appointment was arranged for a dr to discuss. If it was serious then they would have called straight away to organise an appt.

I wouldn't worry too much, it could be something like thyroid issues or borderline diabetic or something that just needs discussed face to face so the patient understands the medication given or treatment plan.

No we aren't medically trained but we normally have an understanding of what the bloods could mean.

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