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In light of the fact that Misdee's Peter may get a new heart tonight,why not sign up as a donor here? It will take two minutes.Remember,next time it might be someone you love who needs one.

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moondog Thu 09-Aug-07 22:17:17

Organ donation

princessmel Thu 09-Aug-07 22:17:44

Thats nice of you MD

Kif Thu 09-Aug-07 22:18:35

is there news???

Desiderata Thu 09-Aug-07 22:20:37

OK, lovely girl. I've just registered. Whether anyone will need my pickled organs would remain to be seen, but at least the option's there!

moondog Thu 09-Aug-07 22:21:37

Well hopefull that's four more people on the list.
It would be fun to see if we could make it to 100 tonight.

Whaddya say?

pooka Thu 09-Aug-07 22:21:54


pooka Thu 09-Aug-07 22:22:51

Will ask DH when he gets home tonight about him signing up too.

MintChocChippyMinton Thu 09-Aug-07 22:23:25

Have been meaning to do this for ages. Have done it now.

Neena28 Thu 09-Aug-07 22:25:20

I'm on as is dh.
Thanks Moondog, more the better.

Kif Thu 09-Aug-07 22:26:08

I'm on the register already - I signed up when I got my national insurance card.

As I understand it, it is important to make sure your next of kin knows your wishes, since they have the final say.

PersonalClown Thu 09-Aug-07 22:26:57

I'm already signed up. Have been for years but put Ds on it just in case. (touch wood it doesn't)

Lubyloo Thu 09-Aug-07 22:27:04

I've just done it. Thanks for putting up the link Moondog. I've been meaning to do it for ages.

herladyship Thu 09-Aug-07 22:28:49

dh and i are now signed up

pinkspottywellies Thu 09-Aug-07 22:29:42

I've just signed up. DH knows I want to donate but he hates the idea

pooka Thu 09-Aug-07 22:30:00

Personalclown. I was just thinking about the children. God forbid .... and is very sad just thinking about it. Since dh and I would have to give consent anyway if the worst should happen, is there any advantage in signing them up now, or would it be just as acceptable to discuss it with dh and then know what we would do if we were ever in that desperate position?
Feel bad - bit like it's tempting fate. But know how I feel (and pretty sure dh would be the same). And I'm not generally a superstitious person....

Mommalove Thu 09-Aug-07 22:30:49

Message withdrawn

moondog Thu 09-Aug-07 22:30:56

Why Spotty?
There was a fantastic story in the paper last week of the fact that five,yes five lives had been saved because of transplants from one person.How fantastic is that?

pooka Thu 09-Aug-07 22:31:03

Sorry - by that I mean that I would want to donate I think.
I'm very blase about me wanting to donate myself. Seems much harder to make that decision about the children.

JARM Thu 09-Aug-07 22:31:31

ive put my kids on the list.

DH and I discussed it, and its what we want.

There are plenty of children out there who need the chance too.

jules99 Thu 09-Aug-07 22:33:31

thanks for the reminder moondog,

i was on from years ago but needed updating,

done that now

pooka Thu 09-Aug-07 22:33:43

That's true JARM, just that since both mine are very young still, DH and I would have to give consent anyway (and am pretty certain we would). Not sure whether there is an advantage though in them being on the list, when we could give our consent if the worst happened.

PersonalClown Thu 09-Aug-07 22:34:55

Pooka-I think it's how you personally feel. I don't know if there is any advantage, maybe a bit of a heads up that there may be an organ available. You still have to give explicit consent ATM.
It's a personal choice. I think I'd be too numb to think straight if the worst did happen but I'd know that I was thinking clearly enough to register him. IYKWIM.

moondog Thu 09-Aug-07 22:35:23

I reckon we must be up to 25 now.

thomcat Thu 09-Aug-07 22:35:58

I'm on and added DP too.

trixymalixy Thu 09-Aug-07 22:36:20

Have signed up.

Fingers crossed for Misdee, Peter and family.

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