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Tips on managing a broken foot?

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AnonAgainToday Sat 14-Sep-19 22:08:38

Any tips?

Currently I'm ...

In severe pain
In a massive, bulky, uncomfortable cast
Unable to get about (except a few footsteps on crutches)
Have to keep foot raised all the time
Wondering how the hell I'll manage the school run?
Worried about surgery - which could be imminent.
Wondering how to survive the next 6 weeks of this craziness
Wondering what the heck to do about work??

Anyone been in this situation? Any tips?

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zebra22 Sat 14-Sep-19 22:11:08

Get a knee scooter with a basket on the front

venezia222 Mon 16-Sep-19 17:19:17

Got a fractured knee 10 days ago. Wearing a big leg brace. Cannot bend leg! I feel your pain literally!

I hired some mobility aids (toilet seat and leg lift) that help. You might get these free from NHS. Like you hobbling. Take any help you can get!

This too shall pass as they say!

ThatCurlyGirl Mon 16-Sep-19 18:52:26

Oh you poor love it's HORRIBLE isn't it - any broken bone is so much more of a ball ache than people realise until they have it.

Order a grabber stick thing from amazon - they're less than a tenner and mean you don't have to get up and put weight in your foot / feet if you drop something or it's just out of reach. They look like the things you get in the machines at arcades that never actually pick up the toys!

Also I can't remember what they are called buy another clever MNetter will - I shattered my arm so very long recovery and found some waterproof covers to wear in shower / bath - they Defo do them for legs as well as arms.

Anything that means you don't have to keep getting up and down - so thermos flask for tea / coffee, mini fridge / make a list of your must have items and arrange them each morning on a tray you can reach.

Look up the search term "mobility aids" on amazon and have a browse - a friend suggested this and I scoffed at loads of them but a few weeks in realised just why they were all so genius!

Netflix and amazon prime. Not gonna lie, as I say my recovery was particularly long and painful because my stupid arm shattered but fucking hell I was bored a lot of the time!

Also morphine wink

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