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Tiredness - normal ?

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loops2019 Sat 14-Sep-19 15:24:12

I have a stressful full time job & 3 kids. Usually work about 40hr per week but do a 9 day fortnight.
Kids are 5-10
They do activities ah weekend Saturday 9-2 and Sunday 9-10
My husband is great takes to school does one pick up (I do one and 3 from after school club)

He goes away one weekend a month and I'm usually ill after. Or end up in bed lying down by about 3pm Saturday as just worn out

Even in the week I come home then from about 8 can't move much off the sofa. I do gym once night per eeek and try and do 2 runs but usually only 1.

I take vitamins have thyroid medication. I'm 36 and thought I should be more energetic than this? Are my expectations wrong?

Thanks for any input

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OrangeJustice Sat 14-Sep-19 16:53:07

I’m exhausted just reading that! I’d think most people would be tired doing all that but if it’s unusual or you’re worried then ask the GP for some blood tests.

loops2019 Sat 14-Sep-19 17:06:30

Thanks orange justice

My DH seems to have tons of energy constantly doing up house exercise no problem working FT & at weekends. His brother has ADHD so often wondered if he has a mild form of it. He doesn't understand why I'm tired

Hard to know where you compare as you don't see what everyone else is doing with their time isn't it

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NaToth Sat 14-Sep-19 21:07:00

Is your thyroid properly treated? Do you have any idea of figures/reference ranges?

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