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Lymph nodes

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LRR28 Fri 13-Sep-19 09:10:42

I have swollen lymph nodes on either side of my groin, one in my ankle and below my collar bone, I also so have a weird lump that feels like bone below my nose and a hard lump in my finger. The nodes in my groin have been there for a few months and don't bother me unless I walk for too long and they then ache like I've pulled my groin, the one below my collar bone has come up this past week and doesn't hurt or cause any problems, ankle no problems, nose no problems, finger has some pressure when touched or pressed. I don't have symptoms really except tiredness pretty much from when I wake up in a morning but not that extreme that it's stops me doing what I need to do. I also get a bloated stomach and stomach pain often but I have ibs so probably not related. The problem is I'm terrified to go to the doctors and don't want to go unless it's necessary so I'm posting on here to see whether anyone has any ideas what could be going on before I have to reluctantly phone he doctors

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kissmelittleass Sun 15-Sep-19 04:47:24

Have something similar going on but you need to go to the doctor so make an appointment and get yourself checked!

minesagin37 Sun 15-Sep-19 05:54:05

Swollen lymph nodes - for short length of time can indicate virus/ infections. The lymph node drains all the toxic used white blood cells away. However swollen lymph nodes over a space of months could indicate a more serious condition and you definitely need to go to the GP. This is not something to sit on and I cannot stress that enough.

ShippingNews Sun 15-Sep-19 06:05:13

No point stressing about physical symptoms, but then being "terrified" to see the one person who can tell you what's wrong. Swollen lymph glands normally indicate an infection - so get along to the doctor and stop putting it off.

kissmelittleass Tue 17-Sep-19 10:33:05

Have you seen the doctor yet op?

LRR28 Thu 19-Sep-19 10:45:04

Not yet I have to ring back Monday morning as they've had no appointments at all this week

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