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Thorn stuck in forfinger.

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Boysey45 Wed 11-Sep-19 15:27:44

Hi, Following a spot of gardening at the weekend I've got a thorn stuck in my right hand forefinger and I cant get it out. I wore rigger gloves which were really thick so I've been unfortunate here.
Can anyone offer any advice, I cant get it out and I'm crap with my left hand so wont have the dexterity to get it out with a needle. I feel stupid going to the G.P as well. A piece of tape wont get it out as its deepish in.

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Herocomplex Wed 11-Sep-19 16:15:28

If you can’t, you should go and get it removed. Is your tetanus up to date?

Herocomplex Wed 11-Sep-19 16:16:38

In the meantime soak it in warm water, and put a plaster on, it might bring it up a bit.

princessTiasmum Wed 11-Sep-19 16:41:01

This happened to me only last week, get some magnesium sulphate from the chemist,it's only about £1 and put some on the area the thorn is, then cover with a bandage or plaster, you might need to do it for a few days,but it will draw it to the top and you can poke it out,or it might just come out with the paster or bandage

harper30 Wed 11-Sep-19 16:48:57

I did something similar and tried to dig it out/live with it until it came out on its own... cue big infected finger and going to minor injuries to get them to dig it out (the nurses fought over who would get to do it, there was a juicy amount of pus and poking to do)
Just suck up the embarrassment and go get someone to do it for you 👍

BogglesGoggles Wed 11-Sep-19 16:50:30

Stick in hot salty water. If it doesn’t come out get medical help.

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Wed 11-Sep-19 16:56:04

Yeah I agree that if you can't get it out you need that GP appointment or you'll end up with an infection. The practice nurse should be able to help.

Boysey45 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:17:22

Thanks for your replies, I'll try again with the suggestions for getting it out myself first.

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princessTiasmum Thu 12-Sep-19 10:49:49

Try the magnesium sulphate,i promise it will work, i have used it with wood splinters too, but keep it wrapped with the ointment on
You might need to change dressing a couple of times,and put fresh ointment on each time

Boysey45 Thu 12-Sep-19 20:06:43

Hi, I think its gone, I picked at it with a needle and then put on the magnesium sulphate about 2 hours later. It stung like hell, but theres nothing to see in the hole now. Hopefully that will be it. if I get a big boil then I'll be alright with all this left over magnesium sulphate.
For next year I'll get the thickest gloves on the marker for the garden. These were really thick though.

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princessTiasmum Thu 12-Sep-19 23:43:13

Oh good news, keep the magnesium sulphate for next time lol
I can usually use a needle to get a thorn or splinter out, but not this time, but the MS sulphate keeps, so might come in handy again grin

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