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Itching could it be worms

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paul2louise Tue 10-Sep-19 00:28:28

I have been itching in the bottom area on and off for months. I put it down to maybe a rash due to sweat from running and cycling or maybe piles. I have been using haemaroid cream for a while and it does help. But it doesn't go away. It might ease for a few days and then the itch comes back again.
I have been searching the web and wondered if it's worms. My son is 8 and not the most hygienic.
I haven't spoken to my family about this as I feel a bit awkward.
I know you can buy over counter treatment but I want to be sure before I discuss this with the family.


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ifoundthebread Tue 10-Sep-19 00:44:25

Tmi but I get an itchy bum when I have thrush, not nice and doesn't always present with the usual symptoms

Getoffmylilo Tue 10-Sep-19 01:11:01

You should go to your GP - better to get a proper diagnosis than guessing and trying different things. It's a common problem, they've seen it all before. The other reason to go is it can be a symptom of more serious bowel conditions so worth getting it checked out.

Silvercatowner Tue 10-Sep-19 07:15:05

Just take Ovex - either its worms or it isn't.

loutypips Tue 10-Sep-19 07:24:57

I think you'd notice the worms in your poo. Tbh when dd caught them, I was shocked to see them wriggling away!
It could be piles, thrush, or maybe just a sweaty bum.
Go to your doctor. They are the only ones that can diagnose.

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