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Laparoscopy keyhole surgery hard lump

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Kittp Mon 09-Sep-19 16:56:39

Help me. Reassurance needed. I'm really worried. November last year I had sterilisation done by keyhole.
Yesterday I noticed right beside the scar lower down on my pubic area, ( top of the pubic hairline area) they're is a hard lump. It's not the skin but the muscle wall if that's what it is.
Just been to the doctors and he said it's not a hernia but when I cough it does kind of pop out and it is hard so he wants me to go for a scan because he said it might be scar tissue or an infected lump. I asked him if it was anything to worry about and he said no but I'm still really panicking and I just want to know if anybody else has had the same thing?

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