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Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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Applejack87 Mon 09-Sep-19 12:37:40

Hi, I've got a lower impacted wisdom tooth that flairs up every now and again , However lately I've been experiencing pain behind my ear up the side of my head , I've been to my Dr she said that my ear drum is slightly closed & prescribed a steroid nasal spray she's not sure if its wisdom tooth related .Has anyone had this ?

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RubySlippers77 Mon 09-Sep-19 23:15:08

I used to get this too with my impacted wisdom tooth @Applejack87. Taking some ibuprofen worked (in the short term) just to take the pain flare away, my whole jaw including my ear used to ache!

Unfortunately the only thing that sorted it long term was having my wisdom teeth removed - mine were done under GA in hospital. If you haven't discussed this with your dentist yet please have a chat with them to see if it would help you too smile

Applejack87 Tue 10-Sep-19 14:43:40

Thankyou so much for your reply Rubyslippers77 did you experience pain behind your ear as well , I get slight pain inside my ear but its more behind . My dentist seems to think that he can extract the tooth

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RubySlippers77 Wed 11-Sep-19 09:14:58

It was all the way along my jaw, up the side of my head including my ear Applejack! Either a dull pain or absolutely throbbing.

Good luck with it, I hope your dentist can do the work soon. It did hurt a bit after extraction but nothing like the pain beforehand!

Applejack87 Wed 11-Sep-19 12:05:45

Thankyou , I braved it this morning & finally had the troublesome tooth extracted . I'm such a wimp , the dentist recommended getting the other two taken out at a later date but I'm leaving them alone unless they start to give me problems ,

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