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Dp and wart,???

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Imadivvycow Mon 09-Sep-19 11:45:37

He deffo has a genital wart it's so obvious, yet neither of us have bought it up , I just find the whole hpv/,herpes virus confusing as it's one that lays dormant for so long. I figured it's just one of those things , I'm now panicking as I've been sleeping with him I'm going to catch them aren't I 😭 I thought I'd be safe as he doesn't seem concerned , I need to bring it up with him don't I, I'm so stupid but figured he would be dealing with his health side of things , I'm panicking now and don't know how to broach it with him , don't just want to blurt it out and upset him ....

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speakout Mon 09-Sep-19 13:37:07

I think you may need to have this thread moved to the health section. You have posted in the religion boards. If you report your own thread (top right) moderators will move it for you.

Elphame Mon 09-Sep-19 16:55:51

Yes. I thought you were looking for a wart charm!

speakout Mon 09-Sep-19 17:06:19

Me tooElphame which is why I clicked it open!!

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