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anxiety or something else?

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buchanan1 Mon 09-Sep-19 03:07:08

For a year and a bit now this has gotten progressivly worse. It started with a small ache in my left leg and some light bruising but I ignored it. the pain has spread to both legs, arms, hands and feet now. It's a burning ache that I'd totally sporadic. My veins pop out and one vein in my finger actually burst which led my heart rate staying at 150 for 3 days. I also have random shoots of bad pain in the left side of my chest that last from 1 to 3 secs. I've been to the docs when my finger blew And they sent me to hospital. That's where blood tests were done and I was told it was anxiety. I'm genuinely scared but feel like an idiot going back to the doctors because the symptoms come and go. Does this sound bad or is it anxiety?

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BobTheFishermansWife Mon 09-Sep-19 03:19:14

That sounds horrible and really uncomfortable! I'd definitely go back to the Dr to talk about those symptoms, even if it is anxiety, they will be able to prescribe something to manage it.

Monty27 Mon 09-Sep-19 03:19:19

You're making me feel anxious so it must be confused

buchanan1 Mon 09-Sep-19 03:22:17

I just don't understand how anxiety pain can wake me up in the night.

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Oldmum55 Mon 09-Sep-19 09:56:13

First step back to the GP and tell them exactly what you told us here. I would say it needs further investigations.

buchanan1 Mon 09-Sep-19 13:54:30

I just get sick of them looking at me as if I'm nuts. I've had anxiety all my life and am always medicated for it. It's as if I DON'T know my own bloody body.

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