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Anyone got Fibroadenoma?

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thisnamechanger Sun 08-Sep-19 22:03:34


I have a Fibro in my left boob. I found it about a year ago and had it scanned and biopsied. About three weeks ago it started hurting? On and off but most of the time. Almost feels like a bruise. Has anyone had this? Am v. anxious as DGM had BC and DM died from it.

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MsPepperPotts Sun 08-Sep-19 22:25:51

I have a Fibroademona for 10years(the most common type of benign breast tumour). Also known as a 'breast mouse' because they can move around.

I had biopsy same as you and it came back benign so no further action except...
I had to stop HRT because this is what made it grow in the first place as the are thought to react to oestrogen. So they can grow bigger when pregnant or breastfeeding.
Mine has given me pain over the years on a regular basis and I cannot pinpoint why this's just uncomfortable sometimes.
Some fibroademonas stay the same size, some shrink and some grow larger.
I just have to have regular mammograms and it shows mine has shrunk in size.

Skunklestiltskin Mon 09-Sep-19 07:57:03

Yes @thisnamechanger, I have two fibroadenomas, both confirmed on biopsy. One hurts sometimes and seems to respond to hormonal cycles.

thisnamechanger Mon 09-Sep-19 12:42:05

I know this sounds insane but I don't know if I have a hormonal cycle?? Have been on Prog pill for years and get no periods at all ever. Bit sure whether to go back to docs again. I tend to go about every little thing so worried about being a timewaster!

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