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Pain in perineal scar: how long to wait before seeing doctor?

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Teddypicker1 Thu 05-Sep-19 21:06:07

I had a episiotomy and the paint got better then worse. By 8 weeks post partum I was crying and unable to sit down.

My scar tissue had granulated I had to have it burned off.

Go to your gp.

TakingtheLeap Thu 05-Sep-19 21:02:09

Hi all - I could do with some advice about what to expect after a perineal tear. I gave birth twelve weeks ago and had a bad second-degree perineal tear which was stitched and subsequently became infected. I'm worried that it hasn't healed well: I have a noticeable scar, and the area is frequently sore and achy. I've been trying to massage the area and there are a few lumps and bumps (sorry for the TMI!).

I'm a FTM, so have no idea what my expectations should be here. Is it normal to have pain at this point postpartum, and is it likely to fade? Or is this something that it would be worth seeking a referral for at this stage?

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