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Anyone had an angiogram ?

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Katarinablum Thu 05-Sep-19 11:21:35

I strongly suspect I have angina at the age of 53. Never smoked, not overweight and was physically very fit - running for the last 20 years, spinning, walking the dog, 2 active boys and on my feet at work all day buzzing around. Red flag is a family history of cardiac disease although both parents lived til mid 80’s and 90 ! I’ve been started on an anti angina drug - lowest dose at moment - but suspect next step is an angiogram -Petrified and just wondered if anyone had had one ! Tia

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Miljah Thu 05-Sep-19 23:36:48

What sort of angiogram? A CT one, or a 'line into an artery in the groin' one?

IcouldbutIwont Thu 05-Sep-19 23:54:41

I had one a couple of years ago, luckily everything was ok. They went in through my wrist, not too painful just a little uncomfortable. Had to stay in all day (9 am to 6 pm approx) with several other ladies all having it done as well.

Notanothernametothinkof Thu 05-Sep-19 23:58:53

Nc as majorly outing!!

This is my job :-) I am part of a team who perform angiograms (routine and emergency) amongst other procedures daily :-)

If you've got any questions I can help or if you just want a run through of what happens let me know and I'll give you a brief overview :-)

StinkyWizleteets Fri 06-Sep-19 00:02:38

I’ve had a CT angiogram and the stuff the injected made me feel like I’d peed myself. That was about all there was to it.

Katarinablum Fri 06-Sep-19 18:25:26

Thanks Notanothernametothinkof and everyone ! I’m actually a hcp working on icu so see central lines inserted into big vessels all the time and I think that’s worrying me ! I know I’ll be anxious so I suppose I want to know whether I’ll get some light sedation and if I need stents inserting would they do them there and then ? Tbh I’m finding it difficult to accept that a few months ago I was running up steep hills with no probs at all ...sad

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Katarinablum Fri 06-Sep-19 18:27:49

I’ve heard that the dye can cause that effect. I believe you can also have some kind of medication that can stimulate chest pain deliberately to check the bloods flowing properly.

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dontcallmelen Fri 06-Sep-19 18:33:38

@Katrinablum I have had two angiograms, first one was investigating if I needed bypass or stents, second one was to place stents I had light sedation, it didn’t really hurt was just uncomfortable as the second time they went in through the groin, was home by the evening.
Sorry you are finding it all very difficult I was the same, I had a stroke completely out of the blue & when trying to determine why they discovered I had DCM & needed six stents, it’s very tough I wish you well💐

Katarinablum Fri 06-Sep-19 18:39:18

dontcallmellen thanks for that. Hope you are ok too ! Such a shock to the system, had an echo and treadmill test end of last year when all this started but all came back negative ! Was told heart function very good but had highish blood pressure and was started on
medication. All well until a couple of months ago, like you just completely out of the blue !

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dontcallmelen Fri 06-Sep-19 19:03:30

Katrina I get how you feel I really do, it felt for me as though I was grieving for my old life & adjusting to my new limitations has been very difficult at times, but when I get too oh woe is me I try & remind myself that being dead isn’t much cop either😂
I have been stable for a good while now thank you, no further interventions but it takes time to come to terms with, it’s all new for you & a huge shock it’s no wonder you feel the way you do.

Notanothernametothinkof Fri 06-Sep-19 19:47:35

So to help with a couple of your points!

Depending on your hospital you may have an angiogram first to diagnose any issues. Sometimes patients are on lists where they would then have to come back to have issues treat however more commonly we can fix the problem there and then (so stents done at the same time!). We will always aim to go radially however there may be a reason we can't do this (I'm thinking spasm of the radial artery etc) in which case we would go femoral. In both cases you'd be given lidocaine to numb the area :-) if you are extremely nervous or you started to get chest pain (fairly uncommon but this can happen when we start to put stent balloons up) then you can be given sedation (at my centre this is usually midazolam, morphine etc). Do not worry about pain, we aren't cruel no one is going to sit and let you be uncomfortable!

Yes the dye (contrast) we use can make you feel like you've wet yourself (other most common side effects are warmth and a funny taste in your mouth) this is normal and only would happen if we gave you a big injection to see the ventricle function or the aorta. Not everyone has this injection.

The medication I think you're talking about in regards to stimulating chest pain is actually part of a test where we can see how the arteries are reacting when you're stressed. Basically we measure pressure in any narrowing of the arteries before and after the medication to see if they need stenting. Yes the medication is not particularly pleasant but it shouldn't be on for long (usually about 60 seconds) and a nurse will stand with you the whole time and talk you through it. Again this is not something everyone has so don't panic! And if you do have to have it then remember it's short, the staff are all there to look after you and even though it feels scary you are fine.

If you need stents you won't notice much of a change in the procedure tbh as your main job is to lie nice and still! :-)

I assure you most patients laugh with me after and say how it was not anything like they expected pain wise and that they have worried for nothing!

I hope I've helped a bit! I've been incredibly brief with my answers so if you have any more ask me :-) I'm actually sat waiting for my shift to begin so nothing better to do! 😂

Katarinablum Fri 06-Sep-19 21:44:49

notanothernametothinkof thanks very much for taking the time to answer ! I actually wrote my question whilst on my break in the ICU staff room ! I'm hoping they'll give me something like a benzo to take the edge of the anxiety or even knock me out completely and say it's done !
dontcallmelen glad your condition has stabilised now and you're aware of yo ur

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Katarinablum Fri 06-Sep-19 21:46:47

Sorry posted too soon ! And you're aware of your condition and what to look out for ! Thanks for your advice !

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