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Thickened womb lining again

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kissmelittleass Wed 04-Sep-19 22:43:47

Doctor rang me this evening with results of my ultrasound last week. She said she had written a letter to gynaecology to have a look at me as my ultrasound showed a thickened lining which they would expect to be sleeping? (Whatever that means? ) because of my age (51) and assuming I'm through the menopause ( last period October 2016 but had slight spotting on and off until a year ago).
I also saw her with swollen lymph nodes in my groin right side back in May which she rechecked in August and I asked for this ultrasound for reassurance.
The nodes are still up but she says she's a hundred percent not worried as I had a thickened uterine lining two years ago and underwent a biopsy under GA and was told everything was fine.
She said not to worry easier said than done! and that hospital might not even do anything as I was seen two years ago.
I have also had tummy pains last few months but she puts this down to IBS as I have bad digestive problems.
Obviously I'm worried and I'm wondering why the lining is thickened as when I had biopsy done on lining 21 months ago they also did a d&c. Does it grow back again? Anyone else had similar?

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