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Back pain, knee pain and pain between toes

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ckc45d10 Wed 11-Sep-19 16:59:43

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Yes, see your GP if it does not improve. Have you considered other anti-inflammatory support supplements as well like turmeric, for example?

Stressedout10 Tue 03-Sep-19 23:21:09

I get chronic back,hip, knee ankle and foot pain due to a tendon injury in my ankle that never heeled correctly (years of physio ect).
If you have hurt your foot or knee it will affect the way you walk and that is causing backache and foot/knee pain, I would suggest getting good supportive shoes/boots(flats) or a decent set of insoles. This will help cushion your foot and help you walk normally. Also a knee brace would help to prevent you from aggravating any knee injury.
If it doesn't get any better or gets any worse in the next week you should see a gp as you may have an underlying issue.
flowerswith my sympathy

Studentnursesos12e Tue 03-Sep-19 23:00:27

Firstly, as the name says I’m a student nurse. I’m on a ward where I am expected to do all the heavy work, whilst others do none. Anyway.

I’m down to my final two shifts but have developed a really stiff and painful right knee which is painful to walk on. I’m also getting a really achey back and pain between my toes.

I think it’s related to the movement required to assist patients to the toilet over 100 hundred times a day, as well as being up on feet for 12.5 hours.

I don’t like wasting GP time, but will go if necy. But is this likely to resolve itself naturally? I will be much more rested once this placements over and will take ibuprofen as required.

Any exercises I could do?

Thanks x

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