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Shortage of medicines

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Wed 04-Sep-19 13:08:20

When I think back to the introduction of the EURO in my area:
Retailers on all levels of the chain held goods back to be able to raise the prices and blame it on the external cause (nothing to do with them raising their margins, of course).

endofthelinefinally Tue 03-Sep-19 10:00:04

Yesterday Piers Morgan stated categorically that there is no shortage, or difficulty obtaining, any medicine of any kind currently in the UK.

I am aware that there are many problems concerning HRT at the moment, but have also heard that some people are struggling with epipens and asthma medication.

I would be interested to know if anyone is having problems. I am on a lot of long term medication and so far have been able to get everything.

I wonder if Piers doesn't know anyone who is on HRT?
This is the sort of thing that should be discussed in the media, not dismissed.

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