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Dental problems

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Blue101 Mon 02-Sep-19 19:54:59

A long winded post, with two parts, I apologise.

Firstly, i had a filling over 15 years ago, which fell out, I went to see a dentist to have that replaced. With lots more drilling she placed a new filling. Ever since the replacement my tooth hurt (no issues prior to this), the drilling caused a fracture in the tooth behind, and whilst eating the tooth chipped. I went back, and she removed the broken tooth (which had visible infected tissue at end of root-she did not expect that). I assumed the pain may have been that and went along. The extraction area (last molar) next to the filled tooth was very sensitive, and after numerous visits she said it wasn’t anything to worry about. I had by now, ended up with a very sensitive tooth (the one with replaced filling), upon mentioning this at each visit she would add more filling, or file and tell me it was fine. I was wary of infection but she stated there wasn’t an infection so nothing to worry about.
I then assumed I developed sinusitis, and with excessive use of beaconase I found that the pain along the jaw wouldn’t budge. Visited another dentist who decided to prescribe antibiotics to figure out if the pain was from sinuses or tooth (the regular surgery didn’t have any appointments and the receptionist recommend I ring around). As soon as the course finished, I was visiting family, and whilst there I developed what was an obvious abscess, upon visiting a dentist there I was given yet another course of antibiotics and told to have the tooth seen to immediately. I was told after x rays, the filling was far too deep, it had irritated the nerves and eventually led to nerve death and infection.
Once back home, I couldn’t see anyone at the surgery, so I went to another surgery and have had the molar extracted.

This brings me to the second part. It has been nearly a week, I keep getting debilitating headaches on the side of extraction. The area itself doesn’t hurt, but I seem to keep getting an on and off temperature too. I wasn’t able to get any emergency appointments today, and the last few days I felt too unwell to try and call. The headaches seem to get worse with lying down.

Not sure if the post makes a lot of sense, but after some advise. Firstly, friends have stated that I should send a written complaint to the surgery, but I don’t know what good that would do, and as much as it pains me to have lost another tooth, the dentist really didn’t see anything wrong during my visits, so what would you do? secondly whether the headaches etc sound typical of an extraction.

If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading.


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