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Hand, foot & mouth or chicken pox?!

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Darksideofthemoon19 Mon 02-Sep-19 12:20:26

Dd woke up unwell yesterday morning. She had a temp and said her throat hurt. She hardly ate or drank anything but by 3 she was outside playing in the garden etc. She woke up feeling fine but has quite a few spots on the back of her legs/bum/hip. She has a few tiny pin prick spots on her hands and cheek. She has an awful spot that popped up on her chin on Saturday. It’s blistered and looks sore 😩

They don’t seem as red as this morning. At first I thought chicken pox but now I’m unsure? She says they don’t itch but is struggling to walk without her legs open 🙈

If they are hfm how contagious is she? When can she go back to play school? She was due to start today and she was so excited, I feel so bad for her 😭

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