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Does having a foreskin increase the chances of catching herpes?

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Alanis126 Mon 02-Sep-19 01:17:24

Long story I won't go into here but I have genital herpes. It was not contracted through promiscuity but rather an irresponsible former partner. Anyway things are likely to get physical quite soon with a new partner. I know abstinence is the only sure fire way of avoiding infecting him but I seem to have read that being circumcised reduces a man's risk contracting it during unprotected sex. I'm absolutely not suggesting we will ever have unprotected sex and he already knows my status and says he's fine with it but I wondered if you thought this was right?

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TheGirlWhoLived Mon 02-Sep-19 01:20:10

Nah, herpes is a virus that Is sexually transmitted... it’s in the fluids which will transfer just as easily foreskin or not! Also cunnilingus will result in catching the herpes. Just get it treated and avoid sexual contact for a little bit

HandsReachingOut Mon 02-Sep-19 01:24:14

If you are having an active outbreak, you need to use protection or you can pass it on. You don't need to be promiscuous to get an STD, you can be unlucky and have sexual contact with one person who gives you something.

Alanis126 Mon 02-Sep-19 01:30:06

Sounds ok. I don't propose sex during an outbreak at all, and obviously only condoms between outbreaks. I just wondered as I had heard circumcision reduces the risk by 25%, if this plus condom might get us close to zero risk. I don't know as it is so new if he is a Roundhead or Cavalier and certainly am not proposing he change sides iyswim, just kind of playing with the risk %.

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Knitclubchatter Mon 02-Sep-19 01:40:17

I believe the answer is yes, I believe the WHO advocates adult male circumcision in a few countries for this very reason. I’ll try and find a link.

TheGirlWhoLived Mon 02-Sep-19 01:41:03

You’ll have trouble asking him to grow a foreskin if that’s next on your thought process

Knitclubchatter Mon 02-Sep-19 01:43:33

Alanis126 Mon 02-Sep-19 07:23:29

Thanks Knitclub. I wonder if there are GH stats as well as HIV. If he still has his foreskin we can discuss how we proceed in an informed way. Good to know

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