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PIP Assessment

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pp12 Sun 01-Sep-19 20:10:27

I have a pip assessment soon, has anyone been through one and what should I expect.

I have heard horror stories from what to expect

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mineralmist Tue 03-Sep-19 09:37:29

There's a website called Benefits and Work which has guides to completing the forms properly, and the guide also details what to expect at the assessment. The site also has a forum where members share experiences of assessments. You have to pay a small yearly subscription to access the up to date guides, but the forum is free to read and post on as long as you sign up to the site.

People have different experiences of PIP assessments but most people find them problematic in some way or other. It can be very helpful to have someone there with you, if possible, for moral and/or physical support. Some assessors behave in a very target-driven way so it's important to be firm in your answers and not let them diminish the effects of the ways in which your disability/disabilities impact on your functioning. Highlight any medical evidence that supports your account, if you have any, and be specific in your answers to paint a realistic picture of your daily limitations and struggles. The assessor can write what they feel like in their answers on the computer, but if you don't get enough 'points' in the report afterwards you can challenge their lies with the specific details you gave in your answers. If it comes to that - it may not. Some claimants have positive experiences of assessment, but it's wise to be prepared for the possibility of having to appeal any decision. Good luck. My review is due later this year and I hate having to jump through their hoops but I'm determined to get the award I deserve!

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