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MRI scan today - feeling worried

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Jasmin82 Sun 01-Sep-19 04:16:57

I have an MRI today after my left leg decided a few weeks ago that it's on an indefinite strike, and my left arm has developed a slight weakness (only noticed the arm as I drive and thought garage had messed with my handbrake during MOT!). After 2 visits to A&E and a GP appointment, it was decided to send me for scans, though I'm not sure what they want to rule out.
The logical side of me is trying to ignore the family history of strokes and remind me that my lifestyle is different to those family members (I don't smoke, rarely drink, eat fairly healthily) and plus I'm only in my 30s so it's unlikely to be that.
Sadly, my logical side is getting shouted down by the part of me that worries over everything. It's being made worse by the fact I have no one to go to the appointment with me or meet me after to try and distract me from worrying.
I really want to believe it's just a further deterioration of my CFS/ME, but I really can't get the worry of "what if?" out of my head.
I just need someone to reassure me everything's going to be OK.

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Bluewavescrashing Sun 01-Sep-19 04:32:33

I also have ME and yesterday my right leg gave way when I was standing. That surprised me as it's never happened before.

Have the docs explained what they are looking for in the scans? I hope it goes well for you flowers

Bluewavescrashing Sun 01-Sep-19 04:33:20

I'm a huge worrier too so I understand!

cakeandchampagne Sun 01-Sep-19 04:44:46

Better to get it checked and dealt with than to delay and secretly worry longer. Good luck with your MRI today. flowers

Jasmin82 Sun 01-Sep-19 04:50:22

@Bluewavescrashing they haven't said what exactly they're looking for. They ruled a TIA (mini stroke) out as the issue hasn't gone away, my left leg is still dragging when I walk, and if it was a TIA the issue would have sorted itself out by now. My left foot works as it's meant to (they considered foot drop). I can only guess they're trying to rule out a stroke due to the history of them on both sides of my family.

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Bluewavescrashing Sun 01-Sep-19 08:07:39

OK. Please come back and let us know how you got on. Best of luck 🍀

Polkadotdelight Sun 01-Sep-19 08:10:21

Best of luck today, it's easy to say not to worry but you can't do anything until you have results so just go with it and be kind to yourself. Let us all know how you got on though and wishing you luck.

Oldmum55 Sun 01-Sep-19 08:53:50

Jasmin get it over and done with. Then you'll have to wait for the results. In my case they came quickly and this increased my anxiety. As it happened nothing was found. Luckily it will be done today as the waiting is the worst part. Try to be positive.

Sammi1807 Sun 01-Sep-19 13:50:18

Jasmin, I hope your results are going to be good and please try not too worry until you have something to worry about it. I know it's so easily said then done I myself get anxious and be physically I'll when I wait for medical result for close family members and i hate it when I do that to my self. All the best of luck smile

FieryBiscuits14 Sun 01-Sep-19 21:50:29

I've been there. Knowing what is wrong is the key to getting better but I know how scary it is x

Bluewavescrashing Sun 01-Sep-19 22:14:39

Thinking of you OP.

MrsWilkinsonAthome Sun 01-Sep-19 22:19:41

Hope it went ok and you have some answers.

Bluewavescrashing Mon 02-Sep-19 09:46:50

How are you feeling now?

Jasmin82 Mon 02-Sep-19 13:11:37

Thanks, everyone. Scan took about 20 minutes. Spent most of yesterday feeling tired (didn't sleep well Saturday night), so went to bed early. Just waiting for results to see what the verdict is.

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gubbsywubbsy Mon 02-Sep-19 13:26:18

Good luck ... I would imagine they are just looking for other things though in case.. great that you have been seen and are getting looked after .

cakeandchampagne Thu 05-Sep-19 14:53:09

Even if you will need some more tests to sort it, it will be good to know what it is not.

Bluewavescrashing Thu 05-Sep-19 17:43:18

Please update us with the results, I've been thinking of you flowers

PenguinsRabbits Mon 09-Sep-19 10:08:11

Just wondered if you've heard back yet and hope you're OK.

Jasmin82 Mon 09-Sep-19 16:33:37

Haven't heard anything yet. Hoping that's a good thing. It's also possible that the results aren't yet back. My GP only works 3 days a week, but I would expect (hope) that if anything was massively bad, another GP would contact me to arrange for me to go in and discuss the next move.

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MrsWilkinsonAthome Mon 09-Sep-19 17:41:12

I would also take that as a good sign smile

Good luck and thanks for checking back in.

FieryBiscuits14 Sat 14-Sep-19 18:42:28

Hope you get some results soon.

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