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Can I take microgynon

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AccioCoffee Sat 31-Aug-19 20:01:04

I was on microgynon for most of my teenage years however after a long break and 1 migraine in a three year period the doctor refuses to put me back on microgynon. Reason being that one migraine.

I have a 6 month supply still In date from before, can I just take this

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PurpleDaisies Sat 31-Aug-19 20:03:17

I wouldn’t. There’s an increased risk of having a stroke if you get a certain type migraines (which I’m assuming you do because your GP won’t prescribe it).

bakebeans Mon 02-Sep-19 21:59:34

I wouldn’t take that stuff again even if I was paid. I took it in my early twenties and caused me severe depression. I had moments where I just didn’t want to get up and within a week of stopping taking it I was back to my normal self. Never again!

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