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Period is late

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jenna30W Sat 31-Aug-19 09:50:02

My period is over 39 days late, my first period after the birth of my son was 70 days, this will be my second period after the birth. My cycle before baby can range from 27 to 35 days.

I have done a pregnancy test and it is negative a couple of weeks ago.

Should I do another 1?
Should I go to the doctors?
Or should I just wait it out?

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orangeicecream Sat 31-Aug-19 10:07:53

It sometimes takes a while for periods to return to your normal cycle length after birth. I'd wait for a few more weeks

Footle Sat 31-Aug-19 10:44:50

Are you breast-feeding?

jenna30W Sat 31-Aug-19 18:05:30

Not breastfeeding anymore, cool I will wait and see in a couple of weeks

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Minxmumma Sat 31-Aug-19 18:11:40

If you are worried and tbh I would be, do another test. Otherwise await events. As pp said it can take a while for your cycle to settle again.
39 days late is uber late though.

jenna30W Sat 31-Aug-19 22:37:29

I guess if i take another one it will be out of my mind if negative and then can relax and wait for its return x

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bellainthemiddle Sat 31-Aug-19 23:51:37

I had a very similar scenario to yours, @jenna30W and mine just turned up today! I think it just takes a while sometimes to settle down. Do the test again though if you're worried - esp since worry itself can sometimes cause a delay!

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