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ParmesanOfVirtue Fri 30-Aug-19 10:52:11

Since being particularly ill on Saturday I haven't eaten properly since. I am drinking water & black tea, and having about 2 crackers a day. Yesterday I also had a few slices of apple.

I just keep remembering how awful I felt and think I can never go through that again.

I am not working at present so spending most of the day in bed.

Does anyone else suffer from this?

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FrancesFryer Fri 30-Aug-19 11:11:53

Yes, i understand how you feel. Although I panic more when others are ill than if I'm ill myself.

HorseGallopingOnATomato Sat 31-Aug-19 14:03:44

I have struggled with this phobia since I was in primary school and it’s rough. I’m so sorry you’re struggling and you’ve been ill. The problem is, hunger and dehydration fuel the anxiety and you can quite easily mistake the empty stomach feelings for still being ill from the bug. The best advice I can give you from my experience is
1) google the BRAT diet. Doesn’t matter that you already know all about it, it’s just giving your brain permission to eat and literally telling you what foods are gentle on your tummy right now. It’s reassuring to be told you’re doing the right thing!
2) eat really small quantities while doing something else. During my teen years mine was so severe I was terrified to eat all the time. I became really underweight. One of my coping mechanisms was to eat while watching tv or something so I couldn’t analyse every sensation while I was eating or worry about the food making me ill.
3) get out of bed as soon as you can. Even just for ten minutes outside in the sunshine. You need to “reset” yourself from ill mode. If I stay in bed too long even when I’m perfectly well I start to feel ill... might just be a me thing though!

Hope this helps. Feel better soon!

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