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Panicking - return of absence seizures?

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Gamorasgran Fri 30-Aug-19 09:34:59

Preface this by saying OF COURSE going to GP and don't expect internet diagnosis but I've gone into melt down and can't see my gp until next week at earliest.

As a teen I experienced some really vivid deja vu accompanied by feelings of doom and nausea. Saw a gp who said these sounded like absence seizures and I would grow out of them. I did appear to as they went away by the time I was 18 or so.

Am in my 40s now and over the past couple of years I have very occasionally experienced similar again. Much more mildly and I've felt fully aware throughout them. Haven't thought too much about them because I had them before.

However, I've now had 2 in the last 2 weeks, one yesterday. Both after a bad nights sleep I think (yesterday's definitely was). I am now freaking out they are related to a tumour as I know this can be a symptom. I've also had an increase in migraines and headaches in general which my dr was not concerned about at all.

I do suffer from health anxiety and I also know this can be attributed to many benign things. Rationally I am trying to tell myself this is nothing new for me (found some things which suggest peri menopause can exercerbate this things). I do also have a dodgy thyroid and have recently lost my dad so quite a tense time all round.

So can anyone share experiences/help me rationalise.

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