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Skin turned yellow around nipples ??

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kmay17 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:24:43

Any advice or help appreciated. I do have doctors on Monday however it's playing up on my mind so much.
Since my 2nd child (now 2yrs) my nipples haven't really been the same (expectedly) but I've noticed my skin turning yellow surrounding my nipples the last few months, it was faint so put it down to hormones etc but now very noticeable..
And noticing also my nipples are becoming inverted. They are not sore, do not have puss, do not itch etc.. the only problems is the turned yellow skin surrounding them now nipples going inwards.. ( I could say they hurt a bit but that could be my mind playing games as it's been bothering me all day)
my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer a while ago and upon reading my symptoms I can't get out my head that it maybe Paget's disease..

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Could it be anything else?
Any replies much appreciated

Love a worried mum of 2 :-)
Thanks in advance xxx

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Footle Thu 29-Aug-19 19:48:40

I'm not medically qualified but I'm replying because no one else has. If you're panicking ( and I have no idea if there's reason to ) you could try asking for an earlier appointment because you're so worried. I hope you get some reassurance.

LiliesAndChocolate Thu 29-Aug-19 19:57:50

Any changes in breast be it colour or shape should be investigated. Good thing you have an appointment. The only reassurance eI can think of is that you say that these changes appear on both breast. Usually cancer is uneven.

Try to call the doctors and see if they will see you sooner.

kmay17 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:18:00

Thank you so much you guys I really appreciate it!
I also heard something today about because I had not breastfed sometimes old milk etc can get clogged up around there.. not heard of it before myself but much rather think that than the other.. thank you <3 xxx

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Orchidflower1 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:19:47

I went with similar symptoms but gp said dermatitis but you’re doing the right thing. Good luck 💐

CTRL Thu 29-Aug-19 20:21:48

I would say at a doctor to check it out. Especially as breast cancer runs in the family. Not meaning to scare you OP but I wouldn’t take any chances.

Big hugs and the best of luck.

kmay17 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:34:20

Thank you so much, and yes I know since it is in my family I guess that what alarmed me the most ! Will definitely let yous know after I've seen the doctor.. appreciate it so much xxxxxxx

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LiliesAndChocolate Tue 03-Sep-19 03:01:47

@kmay17 how did the appointment go?

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