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3 periods in one month, what is this???

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NameChange05 Thu 29-Aug-19 16:32:47

After I came of the injection a while ago I didn't have a period for 6 months (yay) they started again at the beginning of this month, I have however just started my 3rd period? What could this be? I feel like my body is making up for lost time but I don't know advice please!!

Period 1: Thursday 1st - Wednesday 7th
Period 2: Tuesday 13th - Sunday 18th
Period 3: Today 29th - rest of my life?

I had a cervical smear a couple months ago and it came back as HPV positive but no cell changes ir furher action. Is this a sign of HPV? Am i doomed?

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MIdgebabe Thu 29-Aug-19 16:41:47


NameChange05 Thu 29-Aug-19 16:44:37

Im 25 sad

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