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Lh & Fsh levels - question about treatment

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KateMcd Wed 28-Aug-19 21:11:36

Hi everyone -

I've been having painful periods for a while so last year my doc tested my lh and fsh levels. They came back as 'low' and the doctor said 'there is something wrong with the signal your brain is sending to your ovary' - fantastic. Well I didn't pursue further as I was taking a job abroad at the time.

I got another blood test taken 2 weeks ago and they came back as lh 2.4 and fsh 1.7. Again this seems very low but the doctor wants me to have one more test during another time in my cycle to see if they are the same. I would say I did the test 3 days before my period more or less so now have to repeat in about 2 weeks.

Obviously I am concerned RE fertility and whatever else it might mean. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm not sure if there is a possible treatment that could help if there is a fertility issue. I am 27 btw.

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