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Bandy Legs??

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sushipaws Tue 07-Aug-07 09:20:00

Hello All,

My DD has wanted to stretch her legs since she was tiny and has been trying to stand since she was 3 months.

She is now just over 4 months and hates lying down, she wants to be sitting up or standing. She can stand on her own for about 3 seconds, but most of the time she stands with my support.

Some other Mums have been telling me I shouldn't let her do this as the weight of her body is too heavy and she'll end up with bandy bow legs.

I might add that she stands flat footed, not on tip toes or the sides of her feet.

I don't know what to do as she is so determined to stand as screams when I won't let her do it.


goingfor3 Tue 07-Aug-07 09:23:17

My DD's started walking at 9 moths and they both had bandy legs which straightened themselves out at around 2. I remeber once DD2 was about 15 months old and wlaking along our street and an old lady told me that I shouldn't let her walk as it would ruin her legs!

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 09:26:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion Tue 07-Aug-07 09:26:39

Don't worry. Lets her stand all she wants (but don't force it). Bandy legs (aka genu varus) common in little kids, will straighten as g43 says. btw all babies have flat feet, increased surface area is easier to stand on.

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 09:27:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion Tue 07-Aug-07 09:30:50

Or if you were terribly polite you could say "please mind your own beeswax dear, you are incorrectly informed".

at ram it Lapin

sushipaws Tue 07-Aug-07 18:31:34

Thanks Ladies, I'll smile sweetly and tell them they are ill informed

weebleswobble Tue 07-Aug-07 18:35:05

My niece walked like John Wayne for some time. My mum went nuts at my sister for not taking her to a Specialist, but then she also told us not to make our babies look up at us because their eyes will turn up

tissy Tue 07-Aug-07 18:36:45

your dd may be bandy as a result of standing early, or she may not, but if she is, she will grow out of it!

Babies have pretty pliable bones at that age, and the majority of bandy babies have either a history of early walking, or are heavy when they start walking. If the bandiness is due to these reasons (and not to rickets, for example), they will all grow out of it.

Let her stand if she wants to!

summer111 Tue 07-Aug-07 19:13:27

Gosh, people do come out with such rubbish!!! In terms of your child's development, the best rule of thumb in all areas is, if she wants to do it, then let her - you have to go with your babies own developmental needs and not necessarily follow what the 'average' baby of a similar age is doing. In answer to those other mums, I'd just respond matter of factly by saying that your dd is very advanced developmentally and you've been advised that it would be detrimental to not encourage this!

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 19:53:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sushipaws Tue 07-Aug-07 21:04:20

How on earth do you stop a baby looking up??

DD still standing and refused to bend in the middle when I put her in her car seat.

She also tried to roll over an hour ago, am now worried that she rolls over during the night and doesn't know what to do. I guess she'll squeak.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 07-Aug-07 21:12:30

My ds1 did this, wanted to stand virtually from birth, he bypassed crawling altogether and cruised around the furniture from 6m till 11 months when one day he let go and walked across the room! Rubbish that she will end up with bandy legs.
She will be an early walker and thats fantastic if you want another baby - no double buggy required!
What is this not looking up thing? I thought I'd heard every thing but its a new one on me!

weebleswobble Tue 07-Aug-07 21:17:23

When she changed my babies nappies I once stood at the head end and looked over making those baby talk noises you make when they're little and baby looked up - she went nuts telling me I'll do permanent damage to their eyes . As Littlelapin said...loon.

If anyone needs a Specialist I will post her number so you can put your minds at rest

sushipaws Tue 07-Aug-07 21:19:07

Flibber, thats so good, I didn't even think of that, I'm dreading the horror of getting on a bus with a double buggy.

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 21:31:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weebleswobble Tue 07-Aug-07 21:34:19

Could I have been one of triplets???? I'm a twin! Did your mother change you when you were a baby at least 3 times a day if you got dirty???

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 21:37:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weebleswobble Tue 07-Aug-07 21:39:29

No relation of mine then - apparently we didn't stop crying for 3 years . She likes to remind me every now and again, lest I should go to my grave having forgotten.

insywinsyspider Wed 08-Aug-07 15:47:26

he he thread made me laugh for what its worth I have bandy legs and couldn't be arsed to walk till I was 15 mo... not massively bandy but knees def don't meet, never been a problem unless I wanted to stop a cat going thro a door way with my legs

mums are great aren't they don't worry we'll be just like that when our lo's have children my mum seems to have completely forgotten the horrors of children - we slept tho from birth, in bed by 7pm up at 7am and she was desperate to sleep my ds on his front because he'd choke in his sleep... altho she does remind us that pregnancy ruined her figure

sushipaws Wed 08-Aug-07 18:01:15

Just a little update, I saw my HV today and she said it's fine as long as I'm not forcing her and the weight isn't too much. She said the whole bandy leg thing is an old wives tale, am looking forward to telling those interfeering mums that thy're old wifies

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