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Stomach pains and ultrasound

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kissmelittleass Wed 28-Aug-19 11:10:06

Had a private ultrasound this morning as otherwise would be waiting over a year on a public list to be seen (not in uk). I have had stomach pains/cramps/gas and bloating for many years and have a few lymph nodes up on the right side of my groin for a few months that don't appear to be going down) .. the radiologist said after it was a optimal study?? and might need further looking into?? She also mentioned several times during scan that I had excessive bowel gas and it made it hard to see things? She also did an internal scan and said the same?
What does this mean exactly? Anyone know? Feeling a bit worried and anxious 😟 Thanks!

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Greybeardy Wed 28-Aug-19 11:55:58

Bowel gas makes ultrasound difficult to interpret (because it interferes with the image quality) and is the reason why it’s probably not the best imaging modality for bloating/gassy problems. I suspect what they mean is that they’ve got the best images they can under the circumstances but that those images have not been terribly revealing. (COI: am not a radiologist)

kissmelittleass Sun 01-Sep-19 23:42:07

Thanks Greybeardy I'm just a little bit worried something was missed because of the gas

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