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Rather crazy question about pain and hypermobilty/ arthritis

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Coffeethrowtrampbitch Wed 28-Aug-19 10:21:37

I've got an autoimmune disease which includes hypermobility, and I get joint pain especially before bad weather. I also get terrible headaches too so just tend to make a dive for painkillers as early as possible, that seems to help. I don't know if I also have arthritis but I haven't been diagnosed as some of my medicines can also cause joint pain.

In the meantime, minimise the time you have to lift toddler (not easy!) Lift properly from your knees, and avoid holding them on one hip.
Your doctor can test for RA, but mine refused to as my fingers didn't swell up enough. So if you have swelling it may be a good idea to take a picture to show your doctor if you want a test.

Bettertobehealthy Wed 28-Aug-19 10:09:30

Here is a possible reason for some of your difficulties. Lack of Vitamin D, which is often associated with fibromyalgia like symptoms. In fact it is quite common to have a fibromyalgia diagnosis, when in fact the problem is Vitamin D.

There is quite a controversy going on at the moment, concerning the correct (i.e. optimal) levels of vit D. We humans, primates, evolved our bodies in an environment that provided strong sunlight on skin, every day of the year. (Africa). Our migration North, to latitudes above 50 degrees here in Northern Europe means that for 6 months of the year... Over winter... Sunlight's Ultraviolet B radiation is absent, meaning we cannot synthesize vit D in the skin. It was our primary source. We can get a small amount from food, wild oily fish being the best example. However our modern western diet, especially vegetarian or vegan has practically none.
We humans, when living that ancient lifestyle, in plenty of sunshine naturally develop blood levels of Vitamin D of 120 to 140 ( UK units of. nmol/l.) Here, nowadays, in the UK it is generally around 30 to 70. That's 1/4 to 1/2 of the level we've had for millions of years. All other primates, have those levels... we should too. It is only recently that our high latitude western lifestyle has caused this problem. Indeed you, hopefully, have been advised by your health professional to supplement baby with 350 IU Of vitamin D daily. If or when baby is exclusively breast fed. This is Gov recommendation. The reason for that, is that UK breast milk only contains 25 IU of Vitamin D per litre, whereas it should contain about 400 I U per litre. The reason for the shortfall is that practically every mother in the UK has a shortfall of Vitamin D. When mothers take sufficient supplement. Daily, with vitamin D, their milk becomes normal. i.e with about 400. IU per litre. Which is the same at all those other primates and humans in their natural vitamin D rich environment. When this is done, blood levels rise to approx 120 ~140.

Anyway..... In case you want to check your level, maybe ask your doctor for a Vit D test, or you can get a test kit sent from this NHS lab. They do charge £29 if the test is not doctor ordered.

Maybe that is something to think about. Hope that was useful. If you need any more info, get back to me, or have a look at a few of my posts here on mums net, about vit D, lots of information.

Best of luck

PS. I U. means International Units

ughhhhhh Tue 27-Aug-19 20:16:27

I'm really sorry to hear you have all those things. thanks

I did live a terrible existence for a few years till several things were worked out, including asthma actually. You have my utmost sympathies. My last pregnancy made me v strong which helped. I do think my main issues are getting the thyroid levels right, hypermobilty and having small children.

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ughhhhhh Tue 27-Aug-19 20:13:08

I was diagnosed with hypermobilty by a rheumatologist; I wouldn't be surprised if if I have fibro too although I would say it's when my joints have been over stretched. I do have some of the pain points and some nerve issues.

Im fine with fibro (and don't really want a diagnosis as I manage any pain ok at the moment) I just am hoping there's no arthritis! Pain has been fine recently, it's been great! I suspect a bit of arthritis in my si joint.

So can fibro flare that suddenly when there's a pressure change?

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BoopBoopedooBoo Tue 27-Aug-19 20:02:22

You could have fibromyalgia. Have you previously seen a neurologist or an arthritis clinic? I was tested for my pain pressure/trigger points and along with other things was assessed and diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have awful cfs/m.e as well. Hypermobility also runs in the family.

ughhhhhh Tue 27-Aug-19 19:51:10

Name changed as this is slightly embarrassing that I'm even asking this!

I do have hyper mobility syndrome and I do have a very heavy toddler at the moment. Who's not at nursery as much as usual due to the hols! So loads of lifting which is putting strain on lots of joints.

I also have hypothyroidism and have been having some ups and downs, latest was tsh 6.2 so I've been on a slightly higher dose for 2 weeks.

I've also just started my first periods after my son was born (am bf on demand, 15 mo).

I suppose it only matters in as much that I might see the Gp if there's potential for arthritis? Not that they can do much I know.

However, I'm really strong at the moment (aside a week or so when I was feeling thyroidy) and id say my joints are pretty strong, bar tight lower back at times. I was in a terrible state a few years ago, basically cfs and buckets of pain but caused by thyroid issues and the hypermobilty and loosing loads of weight.

Today there's been a big thunder storm after a lovely sunny day.

About 2 hours before it broke I noticed I was getting increasingly achey in the main bad joints; wrists shoulders, si joint, ankles. When it was going on I was in agony. Paracetamol and ibuprofen have mostly sorted me out!

I know people with arthritis notice the pain when the weather is bad - does anyone know if this mean I'm likely to have osteoarthritis in those areas or is it a feature of hypermobilty syndrome?

I know it could be correlation doesn't mean causation etc - another other possible explanation is hormones, possible ovulation or period (they're not regular yet.)

The amount of pain all
Over so suddenly was bizarre confused

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