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Perforated eardrum.

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Geekster1963 Mon 26-Aug-19 22:11:55

I perforated my eardrum towards the end of June. It still occasionally fills with fluid, and seems dry Inbetween but my hearing hasn't come back yet and doesn't seem to have got any better. Is it worth another trip to the Doctors or do I need to give it a bit longer?

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Ssmiler Thu 29-Aug-19 23:11:47

A bit longer. DD perforated hers in the January and the ENT consultant said 3-6 months before they would be able to tell if it would heal spontaneously. Confirmed in the June that it wasn't healing. In the meantime while you wait make sure you use cotton wool and Vaseline to keep your ear completely dry as you're at risk for infection - especially in shower as soapy water is the worst. If you get referred to ENT it's worth asking if audiology could make an ear mould for you - it's less bother than messing with cotton wool. Good luck - hope it heals for you

Geekster1963 Wed 04-Sep-19 11:34:44

Thanks Ssmiler I ended up seeing the nurse last week and they advised me to use Beconase for a few days and if it wasn't any better to see a Doctor. No better so I saw my GP today. They have given me some antibiotics, he said even though it's not really obviously infected it is red and 'boggy' and there could be a slow simmering infection going on. I've got to go back in two weeks.

I hope your DD gets hers sorted out too.

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Ssmiler Sun 08-Sep-19 09:57:56

Hi @Geekster1963 I hope it clears up for you. Do try very hard to keep it completely dry - that will help. DD's were both perforated for years and keeping them dry was the only way to protect her from infection. She's fully recovered now thanks - one healed itself and she had surgery years ago to graft a new eardrum for the other - it was a great success and her hearing is now normal. I hope you have a good outcome too. flowers

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