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GP surgeries in St Albans?

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Apocalyptichorsewoman Tue 27-Aug-19 22:54:25

I've always found the maltings to be good- there is no parking, but the multistorey is very close by. I can also recommend the maltings dental surgery, through the courtyard, and maltings eye care opticians opposite them 😁. Parkbury house gets a lot of good reviews. There is a Facebook group for St Albans which is generally helpful, and another for St Albans mums. Welcome to St Albans! 😁

chocaholic73 Tue 27-Aug-19 20:35:35

I was also registered with Grange Street before moving out the area. Found them to be excellent and really miss them to be honest!

sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 26-Aug-19 10:01:25

I used to be registered at Grange Street before i moved away and it was fine, the gps were nice to the kids etc and there is a small kids corner in the waiting room. also, i know you didn't ask but if you are looking for a dentist, i was registered at high oaks and again they were very good x

MayAprilMarch Sun 25-Aug-19 23:05:39

We’re moving to St Albans next week, and are trying to decide which GP surgery to register at.

Parkbury House, the Maltings and Grange Street look like they’d be the closest to us geographically, but I wouldn’t mind travelling further to get the right practice.

Can anyone recommend a good family-friendly GP practice in St Albans? Or any experiences of the ones I’ve mentioned above?

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