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Reddened skin after eating/drinking

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Gingernaut Sun 25-Aug-19 17:34:35

I have dermatographia, I'm a social blusher and have had repeated childhood sunburns.

Does anyone else's face turn red after eating or drinking anything hot and/or spicy?

The dermatographia is a novelty I can demonstrate on my arm, but it also seems to works from the inside out.

When I give my salivary glands a workout (pizza, chilli, Chinese takeaway, curry etc), two big red patches appear on my neck.

The redness then spreads up and down, creating what appears to onlookers like an allergic rash.

The ensuing "OMG Ginger! Are you alright??" gets my social blushing going and after an hour, I look like I've been scalded.

It doesn't matter how well I explain, vehemently deny any allergy or just try to reassure people, no one seems to understand IT'S JUST A BLUSH!! IT'S HARMLESS!!!!

Does anyone else get this? Am I really alone in this?

Reassurance would be welcome.

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Gingernaut Sun 25-Aug-19 21:17:16

Just me then


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