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mummypoppins Mon 06-Aug-07 17:29:14

OK so normally a problem for me when I o abroad but we live in the Midlands and by a river and with all the recent floods I am being chewed!

Great big red lumps all over..........apart from the obvious repellent sprays etc any tips as to what I can do ?

whomovedmychocolate Mon 06-Aug-07 17:30:11

Eat more garlic. We have a similar problem and they never bite me because I'm a garlic and onion eating stinker. DH on the other hand is constantly nibbled.

MrsBadger Mon 06-Aug-07 17:35:25

They're not meant to like the smell of some toiletries either - someone once mentioned citrus or tea-tree puts them off
(the Original Source shower gels etc are pretty potent)

MrsCarrot Mon 06-Aug-07 17:44:34

Avon so soft spray was recommended to me by a mnetter just before I went to cornwall last week in a tipi (by a lake). I got one bite and that was when I hadn't sprayed any on. Dh reckons there weren't that many around so who knows. Could have been that so it's worth a try. I think the police use it in Mull, or marines or something.

MarsLady Mon 06-Aug-07 17:52:14

Roll on deodorant (not alcohol free). An Aussie doctor told me this.... blardy best advice ever. Roll over the bites. The sting/itch goes instantly!

mummypoppins Mon 06-Aug-07 18:05:12

hey guys thanks..............will def try he deorderant. I look like I have the plague...........also very hairy legs as forgot to get a waxing appointment. Not been a problem thus far this year! mmmmmmmmmmm sexy!

samsmam Mon 06-Aug-07 18:07:10

Eat marmite or take vit b, they hate the taste of it so won't come near you.

bettythebuilder Mon 06-Aug-07 19:12:23

really, samsmam? That explains why dh gets bitten much more than me on holiday (I take marmite with me...can't live without it )

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Mon 06-Aug-07 19:17:07

This stuff is only available mail order, but it can even beat the Scottish Midges.So it is very very good.

MrsCarrot Mon 06-Aug-07 22:05:30

Thats interesting, it has geraniam in, someone else recommended that to me.

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