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Glandular fever

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Hairyheadphones Sun 25-Aug-19 14:38:47

My daughter had glandular fever a few months ago (confirmed by blood tests).
When DD gets run down her neck glands swell up. They are swollen at the moment, she’s a a festival and is exhausted. I read the fatigue can last for months but is it normal for the glands to swell when tired a few months after diagnosis?

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Dec2019mumtobe Sun 25-Aug-19 14:52:37

Mine still swell up when I'm run down about two decades after diagnosis confused

norbert23 Sun 25-Aug-19 15:06:37

Yes definitely- I had it when I was 18 and I'm now 39, mine still ache and swell slightly when I'm ill. It has eased so much over time but I think it's one of those things that takes a v long time to fully feel well from. Sleep and rest is key I think, I'm a full on bed early if I feel run down type now and need at least 8 hours each night. Hope she's feeling a bit better soon, it's a horrible thing to experience x

Minxmumma Mon 26-Aug-19 08:32:32

Yes definately. My daughter had it 7 years ago and her glands always swell when she is stressed, run down or cooking a bug.
The fatigue can keep reoccuring for ages. Plenty of quality sleep, good diet and hydration seemed to help.
Hope she feels better soon x

diet4eva Mon 26-Aug-19 08:34:51

Yes I had it 30 years ago and still get swollen glands if I'm tired or run down. It's a sign for me that early nights are needed. I find taking a good quality multi vitamin helps me not get run down as much as I used to so maybe you could try that to help?

BonnesVacances Mon 26-Aug-19 08:44:40

Definitely don't ignore it and do listen to the signs her body is telling her to take it easy. GV can be a very serious and debilitating illness and once the body can't take anymore it can take years to recover from it. DD(17) is still severely ill 3.5 years after getting GV at age 14.

Groovee Mon 26-Aug-19 09:37:31

Mine swell up and it's 3 decades since I first had glandular fever. I find any time I get fatigued or run down, it happens and I need to listen to my body x

Hairyheadphones Mon 26-Aug-19 17:50:10

Thanks for all the replies. It’s reassuring to hear that it’s normal, am saddened to hear it can have an impact even many years later and really feel for those who suffer as a result of GF for so long.

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jadehayess Tue 03-Sep-19 11:58:33

Hi am looking for advice really, av just been tested for GF which is positive av just turned 25 and currently in a new relationship. I got rushed into hospital as I couldn't breathe my glands had swollen over, after taking blood tests from myself am also 6 weeks pregnant which I didn't expect either, me an my partner have agreed that it's not the best time to bring up a child for many reasons in our situation.
So with me being pregnant there's not a lot of medication they can give me so I feel like this is gonna be a very long road a head for myself... I was just wondering if there has been anyone else in this situation or quite simpler?


Tensun15 Tue 03-Sep-19 21:12:04

@diet4eva hi... I had GF last year and have had so many bouts of fatigue .. when everyone gets a cold I seem to get floored with it. What good multivitamin do u use or recommend? Might start a thread on this x

diet4eva Tue 03-Sep-19 21:17:31

@Tensun15 I tend to go for Centrum or multibonita and try and buy then when they are 3 for £10 at Asda. Anything that had A to Z multivitamins and minerals is good though.

Tensun15 Tue 03-Sep-19 21:27:37

@diet4eva yes I've bought myself the centrum woman vitamins .. only took them for 4 days but hoping they help .. Thankyou

RachelEllenR Tue 03-Sep-19 21:29:52

I was generally tired and exhausted for around 9 months after I had it. My glands still swell up at anything but I'm healthy and it doesn't affect me - they just disproportionately swell at any minor virus.

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