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Does this look like heat rash/an allergic reaction/something else?

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MumInTheCity Sun 25-Aug-19 00:21:38

I’m covered in this red, itchy, bumpy rash. It started on my hands, then spread to my arms and is now all over. The photos don’t really show how red and inflamed it is. I’ll be visiting the pharmacy in the morning as soon as it opens, but in the meantime, is there anything I could do to ease the itching? It’s driving me insane!

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Fozzleyplum Sun 25-Aug-19 00:26:09

Take some hayfever remedy if you have some e.g. cetirizine or piriton.

Put some oats ( porridge will do) in a popsock or similar and swish it and squeeze it in a cool bath. Lie in the bath to calm the itching.

MumInTheCity Sun 25-Aug-19 00:30:32

Thank you Fozzley, I did take a hay fever tablet earlier (Superdrug own brand) but it didn’t make any difference. Will run a bath now, thanks for the tip.

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Fozzleyplum Sun 25-Aug-19 00:41:11

If it gets worse, or your breathing is in any way affected, then you need to be seen urgently.

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