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This is keeping me awake!

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12345ABCD Sat 24-Aug-19 23:51:52


My horrible itchy foot is keeping me awake! I'm aware I need to see a pharmacist but as it's Saturday night I thought I'd ask for some advice on how to soothe this and what you think it may be?

It started off burning/itching and now it seems to look more like a blister.

Thankyou and I apologise for the state of it!

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AutumnCrow Sat 24-Aug-19 23:56:37

Any history of this?

Do you have anything like Calamine/ savlon/ sudocreme?

Hawkmoth Sun 25-Aug-19 00:04:10

Could it be shingles?

12345ABCD Sun 25-Aug-19 00:04:29

Thank you for the quick response, I do have some sudo I shall give that a go now.

It's really irritating, I have had the odd itchy toe in the past but nothing like this blister ! it's also sore to touch.

It's on the side/top of my foot where my little toe is.

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12345ABCD Sun 25-Aug-19 00:07:28

I'm not sure about shingles, I haven't had chicken pox I'm not sure if that makes a difference. It's not anywhere else on my body and I feel my usual self?

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NCBabyBoy Sun 25-Aug-19 00:07:52

Pompholyx eczema? Can itch really badly and come on suddenly IME. Not much you can do about it you shouldn't pop them I imagine

BillyAndTheSillies Sun 25-Aug-19 00:12:19

It looks like Pompholyx eczema. I get it quite badly on my feet in the summer, the heat causes itching, then the blisters come but after a week or so they dry over.

Antihistamines can help with the itching until you can get some cream.

AhCheeses Sun 25-Aug-19 00:15:42

I'd say Pompholyx too. I get it on my fingers and its really sore. They start off as red, swollen patches that feel sore and itchy then they fade and I'm left with what looks like a popped blister.
I'd like to say I have a solution but I just tolerate it for a few days and then it's gone again. Until the next time!

Aberhonddu Sun 25-Aug-19 00:23:02

Polymorphic light reaction, if you're able to put your feet into cold water then that will help, I've always found sudocrem helps a lot, as you massage the cream into the affected area it relieves the itching and soothes the blistering.
Best of luck op, I have the same and it's not good

12345ABCD Sun 25-Aug-19 09:11:16

Thank you all so much for your advice.

I managed to get some sleep thankfully but I've awoken to the itch scratch cycle once again!

I will continue with the sudocream and hopefully forget about it as the day goes on. I won't be putting a shoe on today, I didn't realise how such a small area of skin can be so sore and uncomfortable!

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