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Any idea what is wrong with me?

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OhButMyDarling Sat 24-Aug-19 21:47:56

Having a lot of digestive problems. A lot of the time lately when I eat I get almost instantaneous extreme wind (not usually smelly). Doesn't matter what I eat, could be something as plain as porridge. Even coffee causes it. I've had two instances of unexplained explosive diarrhea in a few weeks, neither of which were accompanied by vomiting, both of which resolved overnight. Today I passed a clay coloured stool. It could be nothing, but I don't feel right. Also exhausted and not sleeping well at all.

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FatChloe Sat 24-Aug-19 21:50:45

What is your diet like? Do you take any supplements?

Wowserme Sat 24-Aug-19 21:52:27


Northernsoullover Sat 24-Aug-19 21:54:29

Any changes in bowel habits should be reported to your GP. It could be so many things.

OhButMyDarling Sat 24-Aug-19 21:55:14

I don't have a great diet. I take 40mg of Prozac daily, and recently started Zopiclone, which is not working. I occasionally take a menopace tablet if I remember.

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INeedNewShoes Sat 24-Aug-19 21:56:43

I'd go to the GP. Clay coloured stool isn't right and could indicate a number of things. It might be nothing, but I think this is worth a trip to see your GP.

Cillmantain Sat 24-Aug-19 21:58:17

Sounds like gall bladder disease

shiveringtimber Sat 24-Aug-19 21:58:41

Clay coloured stool is an emergency and should be seen to right away!

StripyPaperBag Sat 24-Aug-19 22:00:51

What colour is clay coloured?

StripyPaperBag Sat 24-Aug-19 22:02:43

It's ok, I've googled!

shiveringtimber Sat 24-Aug-19 22:20:56

I know about this because I had clay coloured stool after suffering from what my GP originally diagnosed as IBS. Turns out I had gallbladder trouble, which was by then so severe that it was affecting my liver, which apparently caused the white stool. I was in hospital within hours and operated on immediately.

monkeychops33 Sat 24-Aug-19 22:23:00

I had the same thing a year ago, I ended up with Jaundice from a gallstone blocking the bile duct. Best to get it checked out asap.

OhButMyDarling Mon 26-Aug-19 22:10:00

My poo is back to the correct colour, but yet again at work today I had terrible bloating and wind which ended with explosive diarrhea, then stopped as suddenly as it started. The diarrhea only seems to happen at work. It makes no sense.

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INeedNewShoes Tue 27-Aug-19 07:10:00

Are you going to try and get a GP appointment? I really think you should regardless of the colour returning to normal.

OhButMyDarling Tue 27-Aug-19 10:13:14

That terrifies me, but yes, I will.

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