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Can swollen lymph nodes in neck hurt on movement?

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Mascarponeandwine Sat 24-Aug-19 14:05:12

It’s so weird. I woke up on Tuesday and both sides of my neck hurt, but only when I turn my head to the sides. So if I turn my head right, the right side of my neck is sore. Same on the left side. Just like a pulled muscle, except I haven’t done anything to cause this.

Could this be swollen lymph nodes that are painful when squashed or something? I don’t have an infection that I know of, and no night sweats, obvious lumps or swellings, or tiredness or anything. Bit scared it’s a sudden cancer or something like that. Am taking ibuprofen which helps a bit. No pain when I’m still or asleep, it’s just when I turn my head. Should I see a doctor yet or just see how it goes?

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