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External Hemorrhoids - Help?!

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Malina10 Sat 24-Aug-19 01:07:45


Looking for some support. I have had external hemorrhoids for about the past two weeks. I saw my GP today and she gave me some steroid cream and suppository and told me to "see how I do". I'm very scared - I can't push the hemorrhoids back in, so I think they are Stage 4 -- the GP didn't tell me they are Stage 4, but they seem to be.

Do these ever shrink back down? Right now mine aren't that big, but they are puffy around my anus and I feel like because I can't push them back in, they will always be there(?).

Has anyone on here had Stage 4 hemmohorids? Did they shrink/heal? If so, did your anus (externally) return to "normal" or were you left with extra skin?

I'm dating a new man and so embarrassed about my problem. I want my healthy bum back -- any sharing of experience advice would be so helpful.

Thank you,

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