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Is anyone on an anti-candida diet?

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Roskva Mon 06-Aug-07 11:21:23

I suffer from recurring thrush, and am starting to look at other ways of dealing with than repeated doses of canesten. I have been reading up on anti-candida diets, which aim to exclude as much sugar as possible (including fruit ). Is/has anyone tried this, and in the long term how effective is it?

Reading up about this has also got me wondering if dd's lactose intolerance stems from me having to stop bf because I had thrush. She was treated because she showed no signs of thrush in her mouth, but I'm wondering if it got to her digestive system... Any thoughts?

feetheart Mon 06-Aug-07 11:37:54

I did anti-candida diet about 13 years ago after persistant thrush for years. When even Diflucan stopped working (Canesten never worked) I had to do something else. I stopped all sugar (though not fruit, couldn't have coped without that!) and all yeast, including alcohol! I did it for about 3mths and then slowly went back to eating normally. It got rid of the thrush (it has only come back about 3 times since when I 've had antibiotics, now I go straight back on the diet for a few weeks if I have to take Abs and had no thrush last time) and I lost shedloads of weight which was a little alarming at the time! The hardest thing was that until I learnt how to snack on the diet (ie no KitKats!!) I was starving and at least once woke up and made pancakes at 3am Nuts, seeds and fruit are a lifeline in terms of snacking!!

Be prepared to find sugar in most foods and learn to make soda bread!


anniemac Mon 06-Aug-07 11:53:54

Message withdrawn

Roskva Mon 06-Aug-07 17:44:06

Thanks for the feedback. I've already noticed that bread seems to give me really bad wind, so I've been eating ryvita instead for the past week. I think I'm going to start properly when I come back from holiday.

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