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2ww haematology

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Dallas2 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:00:57

So I've been referred 2ww to haemotalogy department I know what they specialise in, I was just wondering a few things really.
One if its possible to have blood cancer and it not be picked up in a fbc at doctors?
What's the process of everything once you get there really so if anyone can help I'd be very grateful

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randomsabreuse Thu 22-Aug-19 17:10:18

Depends what they're looking for. DH ended up in haematology but his 2ww was on a chest mass found on x-ray/ct... Was referred on once considered likely lymphoma but no signs on bloods.

His process was x-ray, CT, endoscopy biopsy, referral on to haematology as only cells they could get suggested lymphoma not a lung cancer, ct guided biopsy, mediastinoscopy, bone marrow biopsy then finally got enough affected tissue with laparoscopic chest surgery involving collapsing the lung. This is unusual for lymphoma - normally there are more accessible lymph nodes that are palpably enlarged and they can get samples from a fine needle aspiration (FNA).

No experience of the other blood cancers.

Dallas2 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:33:53

Thank you for replying I really appreciate it,
How's he doing?

I've just sent of a urine sample to test for myeloma.
And my symptoms are extreme pain in bones, fatigue, feel tired and weak, lost weight, I've had 4 infections in 3 months my lymph nodes in neck throat amprits and groin are all raised, the doctor thought at the beginning of all of this it was glandular fever due to my spleen feeling swollen but that test came back negative and all bloods came back OK except I had high monocytes

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randomsabreuse Thu 22-Aug-19 17:39:16

Hodgkin's is often one of the easy ones - chemo was tough but DH has been in remission 3 years, down to 6 monthly check ups and has made a full recovery - back to a tough long hours job!

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