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14yo nephew wetting the bed

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washyourface Thu 22-Aug-19 12:25:43

Currently have a nephew staying with us who has wet the bed every other night.
He doesn't have any medical problems that I've been made aware of. He apparently does it at home too. He's not of a nervous disposition (ie worried about not staying at home) in fact he seems to be having a ball here. But my oh my the amount of pee that a 6ft 14yo can hold.....
It's not the first time he's stayed here so I knew to invest in a proper water proof mattress protector but seriously, shouldn't the mum/dad have given me a heads up that it's still a problem?

Anyone got any tips for me?
Seems as though the parents are brushing it under the carpet ignoring the issue completely (DH's sister and husband). I don't really have any contact with them as they speak a different language and I very rarely see them.
I'll be limiting drinks after... 8pm? And insisting he gets up and goes to loo when I and DH go to bed.
I feel sorry for him as surely he must be embarrassed but otoh I feel a bit 🤢 having to change wet sheets!

Btw. He's not telling us he has wet them, I am hit with the stench when I go in the room so I find out for myself.

Should I get Dh to talk to him about it??
We have him for another week....

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Seaweed42 Thu 22-Aug-19 13:07:40

It's probably best for your DH to talk about it to his sister after the lad goes back. I can't see how talking to him directly will help, especially if his family have gone silent and into denial of the issue.
Unless your DH says something like 'if you would like help then ask your Mum to take you to the doctor about it, because there is help out there for this type of issue, and it's a common problem that doctors can help with'.

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