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CassianAndor Thu 22-Aug-19 10:18:07

has anyone used this portal for both you and your DC? It appears that you can't share an email but DD doesn't have an email address (because she's a child - am I just being a fuddy duddy?).

have I got that right? Do parents have to have separate email addresses for all their DC in order to use this?

I need to register DD in order to order her repeat prescriptions without traipsing down to the surgery - our surgery won't accept repeat prescription requests over the phone.

any help gratefully received!

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cardboard33 Thu 22-Aug-19 10:22:51

We've got mygp which sounds similar - I added my baby under "my dependants" and then I can book stuff for him. Do you have this option? I recall it being convoluted when I signed up but I don't remember now what I did.

CassianAndor Thu 22-Aug-19 10:28:28

it looks like I can link to another user but that means I still have to register DD as separate to me with a separate email address.

I'm actually struggling to think that this is correct!

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GoldenBlue Thu 22-Aug-19 10:33:30

My GP doesn't allow remote access for minors information as the model is a bit more complex to manage

SushiForBreakfast Thu 22-Aug-19 10:34:38

Funnily enough I just called my GP practice about a related issue... I am registered on Patient Access since my practice have now implemented it.

When I logged on this morning I saw a reference to "registering" your child on the same login as the main patient (i.e. me - the parent) on the portal, provided you obtain a specific code from practice and input it into the system. So I assumed it could be done.

However, when I called my surgery to get that code I was told that my particular surgery don't in fact authorise this and that children can't yet be added to a parent's account... So you still have to call the old -fashioned way to make appointments, request prescriptions, etc.

If you have an older child I'm not sure whether they can register on Patient Access with their own email. But reading your post that doesn't seem relevant...

So in short - at my practice adult patients only can use Patient Access at present.

CassianAndor Thu 22-Aug-19 10:38:07

what a totally stupid system! DD is only 9!

I'm annoyed as I registered me and then went to register her, not realising this - it's actually for DD that I need this at all.

My surgery has given me some kind of login info for DD (this is to link to your surgery) but not for me.

And like I said, I can't even call to order a repeat prescription, I have to physically go there to get some fucking antihistamines.

Sometimes it's very hard to have much sympathy with the NHS.

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RobinsNest17 Thu 22-Aug-19 10:40:45

I have a separate email address for myself and my son. Ironically my real email address is linked to his account, as I signed that one up first because he needs regular repeat prescriptions. I had to make a second email address just for patient access when I then registered myself!

NeverTrustASmilingCat Thu 22-Aug-19 10:47:24

I've set up my two daughters with email addresses that are aliases of my one (hotmail).

CassianAndor Thu 22-Aug-19 11:06:02

just had a long chat with, frankly, two utterly gormless people at the surgery. Turns out that as this is an 'acute' (why, when you ask what that means, they just keep repeating the word as though saying it three times means I'll now understand what it means) you can't order it through Patient Access anyway. Which they didn't tell me when I first enquired.

So, no choice but to traipse down there.

Stupid system and stupid people. Grrrrrrrrrr!

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browzingss Thu 22-Aug-19 13:22:46

Who’s your email provider?

If you place a dot (.) somewhere in your email address before the @ symbol, any mail sent to this address will still arrive in your normal email inbox but it will show as a new/unused email address to patient access. This saves you from having to make an email address for your daughter for future reference.

Patient access sounds good on paper, but it depends on how much of their services your GP practice actually allows you to access. Mine is very basic and essentially just allows you to book appointments confused

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