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still waiting for smear results and can barely function

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kaylasmum Mon 06-Aug-07 08:30:58

Hi, about 3 weeks ago i posted on here about not having had a smear for over 10 years, well i went ahead with it a couple of weeks ago. The nurse was really lovely and helped to ease my mind a little, she said the results would be 2/4 weeks. Its got to the stage that i'm so worried that i'm finding it hard to do anything and all i can think about is cancer, i've totally convinced myself that i'm going to die. I have ibs and its stress related and its been flaring up really badly this last 2 weeks. I keep looking on the net about cervical cancer and scaring myself more, its seems that so many women have had abnormal smears. The nurse said to me that as i had givn birth lately that something would have been noticed if i had cancer, or words to that effect.

Please can as many people as possible tell me that they have not had any abnormal smears over the years just so that i can put this into perspective. I'm sorry this post is a bit rambling but i've just got myself into such an awful state about this. And please don't anyone tell me that this is my own fault as i know this only too well.


kaylasmum Mon 06-Aug-07 08:42:20


Charlie999 Mon 06-Aug-07 08:42:34

Please don't worry about this - it is highly likely that everything is absolutely fine. Well done for going though!

The nurse is right that if you had raging cancer, you would have some symptoms and someone might have spotted it when you had you baby .

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks so know where you're coming from.....please don't worry about something that hasn't happened...easier said than done I know.

Can you go to your GP and explain how you feel? They may be able to ring the lab for your results as well as help you out with your anxiety?

Hope you feel better...try some relaxation techniques (breathing etc) x

lisad123 Mon 06-Aug-07 08:47:54

I could abnormal smears a few years back, and they decided to remove a piece to test further Was all very worrying, but all was fine. Just because you have abnormal smears doesnt always mean cancer, and i was told the same, that if there was a cancer there it would have been picked up earlier. Please try not to worry too much.


Fanella Mon 06-Aug-07 08:54:23

I didn't go for a smear for over 10 years either...

I went a few months ago, and everything was fine.

I know it's easier said than done but please try to stop worrying and stop doing the internet research thing!

Charlie999 Mon 06-Aug-07 08:55:54

Yes that's the other thing, smears are there to pick up changes WELL BEFORE they turn into cancer, so even IF any abnormalities are picked up, they can usually be completely removed very easily and do nothing to compromise future pregnancies etc.

Oblomov Mon 06-Aug-07 08:58:28

I have had a number of abnormal smears. And then I had to have some lasering done. But I am totally fine.
Please don't worry. Take comfort in the fact that you went and had one done. That in itself was the best thing you could have done for yourself.
THe vast majority of smears are totally normal. And those that rare not are picked up very quickly.
Please try not to worry.

LIZS Mon 06-Aug-07 09:11:25

2/4 weeks is very quick and perhaps it will be longer because of holidays ,but please don't torture yourself with guilt in the meantime. I'm sure they would fasttrack communicating any ambiguous result and even then it would n't necessarily be cancer, perhaps just an inadequate sample of cells to give a categoric response. Statistically you are likely to be fine If you need further reassurance could you speak to the nurse again ?

sfxmum Mon 06-Aug-07 09:26:19

please don't worry too have done the test that is a good start

and also like you probably gathered, abnormal results are common and those can be for a number of reasons unrelated to cancer.

please take it easy and IBS is no picnic focus on relaxing and easing that. take it easy and all the best

loopylou6 Mon 06-Aug-07 09:39:20

aww u poor thing, its a horible time waiting for results isnt it? i had mine done last september and i used to sit at the window hyperventilating and waiting for the postman lol, if u had cancer u would have symptoms like abnormal bleeding really bad and various other things, also its good that its been 3 weeks and u havnt heard anything i think ur sample would of been tested by now and if anything nasty would of been found u would of got a call to go and see ur doctor, just imagine how u will feel when u get that letter saying all is fine, it will be 10 years of worrying over and done with and u will feel like a cloud has been lifted, WELL DONE U FOR GETTING THE GUTS TO DO IT, let us know when u get ur results. xxxx

loopylou6 Mon 06-Aug-07 09:42:28

oh also, justw anted to add that the nurse can tell alot by looking at ur cervix whilst doing the test, when my sister was 16 she had a baby then had a smear test and the doctor said her cervix looked a mess she did end up having to have lasor surgery but shes been fine ever since and shes 35 now, also the doc told me i have cervical erosion during one of my smears soooo again thats a good thing that the nurse didnt say anything like that to u

kaylasmum Mon 06-Aug-07 11:18:13

Thank you all for replying so quickly to my post. I also suffer from anxiety and was diagnosed with pnd after the birth of my dd almost 4 years ago, during which time i was convinced that i had bowel cancer! The fear just seems to hit me and i feel like i can't do anything, which you can imagine is'nt a good thing with a 7 month old and 4 year old to cope with. I've been getting myself more worried cos i've had niggling pains in the pelvic area for the last 2 weeks, i thought it was maybe my periods returning after the birth of my son but so far nothing, or it could be due to my ibs but of course i have to imagine the worst! I am breastfeeding my son but my periods did return around this time with my dd. I feel so stupid for waiting this long to go for the test.

Thank you all again.


kaylasmum Mon 06-Aug-07 15:00:55

Hi, just wanted to add that i did ask the nurse if my cervix looked ok and she said that it did, don't know if that should make me feel better or not. This waiting is really taking its toll on me, i have 5 kids and 1 grandchild and i have to be here for them all.


kaylasmum Tue 07-Aug-07 09:19:12

Hi, got my smear results back today and they are fine! the relief is amazing. I just want to thank everyone for their helpful advice. From now on i will be going for my smears regularly, i never want to go through that again.


Charlie999 Tue 07-Aug-07 09:24:02

Excellent .

sfxmum Tue 07-Aug-07 09:24:35

hi that is good news and now that it is over you might want to consider reading up on the subject cervical cancer

proper info is your best defense.
i am a bit evangelical about this because my mother died of this. it is one of the easiest cancers to treat when caught early

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