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Blood test results being withheld from me

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andyoldlabour Tue 20-Aug-19 18:59:44

I went to the GP today, to see if my blood test results had come back. They had and the receptionist said that my B12 levels were chronically low (again) and my cholesterol was slightly high. I am very concerned about my B12 and D levels, because I finished the last course two months ago and was feeling a bit better, but have been feeling very tired and getting tremors just lately.
So, I asked for a copy of my test results, and was told I couldn't have them until a doctor saw me. I then tried to book an appointment and the first will be middle of September.
I though they had to give me test results or give me an immediate appontment to deal with this problem.
It has got to the stage now where I am finding it difficult to hold a pen or use cutlery and have to use a thermos flask to drink from.

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CatPunsFreakMeowt Tue 20-Aug-19 19:06:07

You can request a copy of your medical notes but they have 30 days (I think) to comply. I’m not sure where they stand legally but I have also been refused a copy of my blood test results before the dr has reviewed them.

QueenOfPain Tue 20-Aug-19 19:09:46

Ring tomorrow and fluff the receptionist up a bit and say “oh, I don’t think I actually need to take up an appointment, but is there any chance I can go on the GP’s phone list for today?”.

The GP can probably leave you a script for the vitamin D behind reception and prescribe the B12 so the practice nurse can give it to you, then all you need is the next available appt for the nurse.

QueenOfPain Tue 20-Aug-19 19:10:23

Nurse can probably sort out your cholesterol too.

Batshittery Tue 20-Aug-19 19:18:04

Receptionist are not allowed to discuss any medical issues/results at my GP's, only a doctor. It's miserable having to wait so long. Can you get a telephone appointment to speak to the doctor?

andyoldlabour Tue 20-Aug-19 22:39:39

Thanks for all the answers here.
QueenOfPain - we have been told that the GP's at our surgery cannot prescribe over the phone - but they are inconsistent with advice.
Batshittery - ours do discuss things, which I find strange, such as telling me about my B12 levels and Cholesterol. I would be interested to see my D levels, because I have gone from being fit for my age to a wreck in just over a year.
I think our surgery is struggling to keep up with demand. Tomorrow there are two out of five GP's on, and then on Thursday they close half day. We also have a "celeb" doc who is on the telly a lot.

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QueenOfPain Tue 20-Aug-19 22:48:46

GP’s probably can prescribe over the phone, but they probs have a blanket policy of not doing so that people don’t take the piss, but will most likely allow exceptions at their own discretion.

JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 20-Aug-19 23:02:56

I can see all my blood test results online, sometimes before the GP has even looked at them. I only registered so I could book appointments online and this is an added bonus.

It sounds like you may need an appointment based on your symptoms anyway, hope things improve for you flowers

OctoberLovers Tue 20-Aug-19 23:05:02

Have you got systmonline? U can access your medical records and blood tests on there

OctoberLovers Tue 20-Aug-19 23:05:27

As well as request repeat prescriptions and book an appointment

CanIgetoffthebusnowplease Tue 20-Aug-19 23:49:56

Actually that systmonline is driven by your practice. Our GP’s allow booking appointments on it but no test results, and I’ve found it’s a pain getting hold of the numbers, as they are really reluctant to give them to me. So frustrating as it’s my bloody data!

andyoldlabour Wed 21-Aug-19 09:56:05

"It sounds like you may need an appointment based on your symptoms anyway, hope things improve for you flowers"

Thanks, got through at 8.30 this morning and I have an appointment at 10.30. Hopefully get it all sorted then.

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JeNeBaguetteRien Wed 21-Aug-19 11:42:04

Hoping your appointment has gone well 🤞

andyoldlabour Wed 21-Aug-19 14:09:09

Well, an update which would seem to show that the surgery have been less than efficient.
I saw the GP, said I wanted a copy of the blood test and asked her what the B12 levels were. She then informed me that one of the doctors had sent a prescription for B12 supplements to the pharmacy for collection on 16th August, but nobody bothered to tell me, including the receptionist yesterday who said I couldn't have a copy of the blood test.
My B12 levels are down to what they were before my last course of treatment, and I have to start taking statins for my cholesterol.
The good news is that my vitamin D levels are back in the high range of normal.
The doc also advised eating more chicken (we practically live on chicken) and white fish, so I asked her if regular helpings of haddock in batter would be OK? {grin}

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Floralnomad Wed 21-Aug-19 17:59:08

For the future OP does your GP not have online access , many do now and the results are freely available .

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 21-Aug-19 19:34:35

OP have you been tested for pernicious anaemia?

justrestinginmybankaccount Wed 21-Aug-19 19:38:14

Have you been tested for hashimotos? It depleted my B12, D and more.

OctoberLovers Wed 21-Aug-19 21:45:46

I find systmonline very useful.

Mine, partners and his mums blood results are all online and we are with different gp surgeries

andyoldlabour Thu 22-Aug-19 14:48:01

Thanks for the replies.
Our surgery's online menu allows me to order prescriptions, make appointments and change contact details.

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