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littlemama18 Mon 19-Aug-19 20:38:18

Hi! Just looking for any similar stories from people who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism,
I recently noticed I was become more tired by the day, my periods stopped I put on weight and other things, after a blood test I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and was told I'd be on medication for life and have to have regular blood testing, (I know that the outcome with medication is very good but I'm still struggling with the thought of having the problem for the rest of my life as I'm only 21)
I've been on the medication for about a week and I feel even MORE tired sad

I don't know anyone else who has this so just looking to see if anyone else have suffered and how long it took them to start feeling better and if they had any other issues in the future? Thank you x

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30to50FeralHogs Mon 19-Aug-19 20:45:50

Hello! Sorry to hear that you’re suffering - it can take a while to get the dosage right so hang in there. Also make sure your other bloods are ok - iron, vitamins etc - it might be worth checking everything if your GP hasn’t already, and ask for the blood test results with reference ranges (don’t take ‘fine’ for an answer, get the numbers and find out where they sit in the normal range - quite often we feel better at the top of the range for T4 and the bottom of the normal range for TSH, so you may need to push for your GP to work with your symptoms not just the numbers.

It’s not the ideal time when you feel like crap, but try to read up about it so that you are well informed and can argue your corner if needed.

There are lots of us on here (many precious threads when you have a free hour or two, which might give you some helpful info) so hopefully you will find the support you need.

I’ve had it since 27 (now 45) and although it seems shit having to take medication for life, it’s no worse than people taking the pill, or a daily vitamin, really. Plus bonus - your prescriptions - not just thyroxine but all of them - are now free.

Main thing is, don’t push yourself, be kind and make sure those around you are kind too. It can take it out of you and people need to know that you’re not being lazy, you need rest. Take care flowers

littlemama18 Mon 19-Aug-19 20:50:40

@30to50FeralHogs hi! Thank you so much for your message! It's nice to hear from someone else who's going through the same thing.

I'm really scared that people will view me as lazy at the moment because I'm just so exhausted! When the doctor did my bloods she said my iron and everything else was fine, I'm just confused to why I seem to be getting more exhausted!

I can't wait to start feeling myself again, have more energy and shift all this weight I've gained sad!!

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7Worfs Mon 19-Aug-19 20:55:27

I have Hashimoto’s, officially diagnosed in my early twenties (though I’ve had symptoms since childhood).
It took a long time on thyroxine for my hormones to stabilise, and even now they go off with change of seasons, colds, and pregnancy.

The important part is, learn your symptoms and always insist on tests when feeling ‘off’. Dosage correction will happen often initially, until you feel your normal self.

My symptoms always are extreme fatigue, panic attacks, hunger for sugar.

Oh also read independently, don’t rely purely on doctors. Guideline levels of 4 are bullshit - you need 2, and 1 before and during pregnancy.

KatharinaRosalie Mon 19-Aug-19 20:57:47

do you know your levels and what dose are you on? Many doctors start with tiny ones and build them up, but you would still be dead tired until you get your levels to normal range.

AbagailsFancy Mon 19-Aug-19 20:59:26

I’m the same feeling generally rubbish and gaining weight with no cake. Blood tests back yesterday with TSH of 92 which the doc says is high so prescribed thyroxin and said it would be 4-6 weeks before more bloods. So you’re not alone!

Kaykay06 Mon 19-Aug-19 21:01:37

I have congenital hypothyroidism so from birth and have no thyroid at all so produce nothing.
Your meds will take s long time to kick in, levels will need adjusted and you may never feel normal again, I don’t know what energetic and awake is tbh as I’ve always felt sluggish.
Gp says it’s because I don’t take meds
- I do so read up and educate yourself and ask for more information/referral to endocrine drs if your still feeling crappy in a year.

littlemama18 Mon 19-Aug-19 21:32:59

@KatharinaRosalie I don't know what my levels are but I know they've started me on 50micrograms, don't know if that's a small dose or not, new to all of this really!

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littlemama18 Mon 19-Aug-19 21:33:47

It's awful isn't it sad feeling so crappy about myself and can't do anything about it!

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littlemama18 Mon 19-Aug-19 21:35:01

@Kaykay06 that sounds awful sad I'm sorry you've always had this! I know how you mean about always feeling sluggish, I've always felt like my mind works slowly and i have zero attention to detail so I wonder if this is maybe why!

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Fairylea Mon 19-Aug-19 21:37:36

It can take a while to get the dose right. I’ve had hypothyroidism for 20 years and in the beginning it took me about a year to really feel well again. I take 150mg a day. Being honest it’s the least of my worries as I have a lot of other health conditions- Addison’s disease, asthma, recurrent kidney infections, anaemia... the hypothyroidism is annoying but as long as you push for the right dose and keep an eye on symptoms it can be really well controlled with medication.

EggysMom Mon 19-Aug-19 21:44:39

Mine was picked up by my GP two years ago when I couldn't shrug off a normal winter virus, and I'm now on 75mcg - I was started on 50mcg but it was increased after six months. My DM was diagnosed about twenty years ago, she's on 150mcg. So you're not alone, there's a fair number of us out there "on medication for life" grin

EarringsandLipstick Mon 19-Aug-19 22:50:11

Also have hypothyroidism. I think you are seeing it the wrong way.

It's not that you are taking medication for life really. You are replacing something your body should br producing but isn't.

50mcg is an initial dose; you should be reviewed after about 6 weeks and it may be increased.

My bloods are checked every 6 months but levels fairly stable. Some changes in doses over the years, and of course when pregnant. But it's perfectly fine and very manageable.

BlackSwan Tue 20-Aug-19 06:18:08

I bet you need more.... my son is 9 and takes 100micrograms a day. Levothyroxine is the most prescribed medication - there are loads of people in the same boat as you. I'm sure you'll feel more positive about having to take the meds when you get the dosage right & you're feeling more yourself.

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