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Wheat allergy?

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currentlyoutoftheoffice Mon 19-Aug-19 20:10:41

Evening all,

I keep having a skin reaction and think I've narrowed it down to uncooked flour.... is this even a thing?

I get hives, itching and pain under my ribs at the right. This has happened when I've made Yorkshire puddings or pizza dough.

I've been to the GP and she dismissed my concerns saying I've been tested for celiac disease in the past and the results were negative.

I am right in thinking celiac/wheat allergy are different things?

Will try to attach some pics! If anyone has any insight I'd be most grateful.

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silver1977 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:41:22

Yes you're right they are different things. An allergy causes your immune system to respond. Worth seeing GP, if you omit wheat from your diet for a couple of weeks you should see if your symptoms disappear, if you re-introduce something and symptoms return then the answer's quite clear. If it is an allergy though you may not want to risk re-introducing it as the symptoms could be more severe than what you've experienced so far.

almostn9ne Sun 25-Aug-19 00:18:47

Yes you're right, they're different. But there's also non coeliac gluten sensitivity, just to muddy the waters even further!

How long ago was your coeliac screen? It might be worth having another one to see what your antibody levels are like now.

And there is also dermatitis herpetiformis to rule out too

almostn9ne Sun 25-Aug-19 00:19:25

Here's the link to NCGS

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